Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS WatchI’ll admit it! I was skeptical at first. I just didn’t think the Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch would cut it but it definitely has proven me wrong. The bottom line on this Garmin GPS Watch is that it’s just so easy to use, you’ll have the hang of it in the first nine holes that you play and you won’t be spending extra time digging your old GPS or rangefinder out of your bag or golf cart.

The Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch combines a highly sensitive GPS receiver with a lightweight, rugged waterproof sports watch that gives you the yardage to the front, middle and back of whatever green you are playing. And there is no need for you to download anything since this unit comes with over 18,000 U.S. and Canadian courses (as of January 2012) already preloaded.

The S1 has a screen that is viewable in direct sunlight and has larger numbering for you “more experienced” golfers out there. This watch also has the ability to measure exact yardages of the different shots you hit anywhere on the golf course. Besides being a GPS unit, it also functions as a watch with an alarm so you will never miss another tee time. Finally, it can function as an odometer, measuring how far you walk, whether you are on the golf course or not.

Maybe the only possible drawback to this unit is that it doesn’t give you distances to various hazards on the course. If you are using it on a course that you play regularly, this shouldn’t present a problem. If you are playing a course that is new to you, you will need to make some adjustments so you’re not costing yourself penalty strokes.

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Here are some great features of the Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watch

This watch is constantly updating based on a golfer’s actual real-time location. The Garmin Approach S1 can also measure individual shot distances – all while functioning as Garmin Approach S1 Golf GPS Watcha high-quality, everyday watch. Garmin Approach S1 features an easy-to-set alarm and automatic time and time zone detection, making it the perfect companion for any golf trips you have planned.

You might want to add the Vehicle Charging Clip to your order in case you forget to charge the watch the night before your round. This unit normally charges in about a half an hour and will hold that charge for close to 8 hours if used in the GPS mode. Used strictly in the  watch mode, the charge will last up to 3 weeks.

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Garmin Approach G3 GPS Review

Garmin Approach G3 GPSClick here to find the best price on Amazon

Most golf pros will tell you that it is most important to be committed to the shot you are going to hit. The Garmin Approach G3 pinpoints exact distances to fairways, bunkers, water hazards and greens allowing you to be committed to your shot and play with more confidence.

The G3 is small, light, and rugged and it fits right in your pocket – just perfect if you prefer to walk the golf course. It’s 2.6″ sunlight readable color display allows you to tap anywhere on the hole map and get precise distances.

And best of all, there are no subscriptions required with this unit. With an internet connection, you have access to well over 12,000 U.S. and Canadian golf courses. With two AA batteries (NiMH or lithium preferred), the Garmin Approach G3 will get up to 15 hours of battery life – close to four full 18 hole rounds.

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If you are a real golf nut, you’ll really  enjoy being able to navigate through the course you are going to play prior to arriving at the course. Having some idea of what clubs you are going to hit on different holes gives you some extra confidence even before you start your round.

Here are some great features of the Garmin Approach G3 GPS:

*The detailed golf course maps will provide golfers with exact distance information about fairways, water hazards, bunkers and greens from any point on the course
*The G3 unit constantly updates your position on the course and show you the distance to each target even as you move around the golf course.
*The Garmin Approach G3 brings all of Garmin’s technology to the golf market at a somewhat lower price point

This is an amazingly accurate device so club selection can be done quickly and with total confidence. A couple of times I have second guessed the G3 only to find out the device was right. It is truly simple to use and you will feel comfortable with its operation minutes after taking it out of the box.

Here’s what an owner had to say about the Garmin Approach G3 GPS:

I did a lot of research on golf GPS devices and finally settled on the Garmin Approach G3. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The main reason I purchased the G3 Approach is it is one of the easiest devices to use. The distance to the pin is always displayed in the upper right hand corner. If the pin is up front or in the back of the green, just touch the upper right hand corner to zoom in on the green. Touch the location of where the pin is on the green, and the display automatically gives you the new distance to the pin! I would definitely recommend this product to a friend. (J.Saddler)

Review paraphrased for size – view original review here

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Garmin Approach G5 GPS

Garmin Approach G5 GPS Review

Garmin Approach G5Find the best price on Amazon by clicking hereGarmin’s Approach G5 is a rugged, waterproof, touchscreen golf GPS packed with thousands of pre-loaded golf course maps. It’s high-sensitivity GPS receiver is able to measure individual shot distances and show the exact yardage to fairways, hazards, and greens and thus removes guesswork from your game.

As you move, the Approach G5 automatically updates your position, so you’ll always know your yardage. There’s no subscription or setup fees, and the Approach G5 is compliant with USGA rules.

With Approach’s Green View, once you are on or near the green, just tap the flag on the map to zoom in on the green–then you can drag the flag to position it where you see it, giving you more accurate yardage.

Interested in your golf stats, your Approach G5 has new stat tracking software that allows you to keep track of putts per round, fairways hit and greens in regulation as well as a digital scorecard for you or your whole foursome.

The Garmin Approach G5 is available on Amazon at 50% off retail price.  Click this link to take advantage of this great discount!

The Garmin is the perfect aide for course management even when you haven’t played the course before. Every time you walk up to a tee box you are filled with confidence because you know exactly what club to use and where to aim. You can see the shape and depth of every green, and you know where your margin of error is when making your approach.

Here are some great features of the Garmin Approach G5:

*Rugged, yet lightweight waterproof golf GPS unit with 3″ sunlight-readable touchscreen display
*Over 10,000 preloaded U.S. course maps, including fairways, hazards, and greens
*No annual fee or subscription, new courses available from
*Digital scorecard for up to four players; save and review the scores on your computer at home

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Garmin Approach G5:

The Garmin Approach G5 is terrific. I bought it because of the courses all being pre-loaded and because of the larger screen. The screen is terrific and the touch screen very responsive. I also love the fact that it is waterproof. I just leave it hanging off a carabiner clip on the back of my bag, and no worries if it starts to rain. Overall: No annual fees, courses all pre-loaded, free updates, outstanding display visibility and controls, great battery life (with Eneloops), and low total cost of ownership…It’s a dream. (Buck W.)

Review paraphrased for size – view original review here

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