Golf Buddy Tour GPS Review

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You won’t have to worry about the hidden cost of membership and download fees with the Golf Buddy Tour GPS Rangefinder. The Tour GPS Rangefinder delivers the information you need at no additional cost once you have purchased the unit.

Delivering true GPS capabilities with automatic course and hole recognition, each unit features the dynamic green view, which changes the shape of the green depending on your angle of approach. The Golf Buddy Tour will help you gain confidence by knowing exactly how far to hit and where to go.

The Golf Buddy’s large, high resolution full-color screen gives you the exact distance to greens, bunkers, water hazards and intermediate lay-up points. With its unique automatic course and hole recognition feature, The Golf Buddy Tour automatically knows which course you are playing and which hole you are on.

There is no need for unsteady aiming or any manual operation to obtain distances when using the Golf Buddy. The Golf Buddy Tour is a precision GPS unit… Just turn it on and you will enjoy your golf.

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This is my first GPS range finder and it is seriously the coolest thing ever! It is incredibly EASY to use. I compared it to other GPS units and settled on this one because all the updates are FREE with no monthly service charge.

Here are some great features of the Golf Buddy Tour  GPS:

*The Golf Buddy Tour rangefinder has true GPS capabilities and automatic course and hole recognition
*No membership or download fees; Belt clip/plastic holster, USB data cable, rechargeable battery, wall charger, user’s manual, and software CD are included in purchase price
*Can stores up to 20,000 courses and 1,000 individual golf scores
*Large, high-resolution color screen with dynamic green view which changes the shape of the green, depending on your angle of approach
*Runs on a rechargeable 12-hour Lithium Polymer battery with AAA battery backup

This has made my golf so much more fun. There is nothing like the confidence in KNOWING which club to pull out of your bag. You turn it on when you get to the golf course and that’s it. Right away it knows which course you are at and gives you the yardage to the first hole. You’ll love it!

Here’s what a satisfied owner had to say about the Golf Buddy Tour  GPS:

I gave a Golf Buddy Tour to my wife for Christmas and we took it with us when we went to Florida. It had no problem finding the course information, and the only confusion came when two tee boxes were right next to each other. Moving a few feet closer to the proper tee box solved that; it gave us yardages to all sorts of hazards; all in all, it did exactly what it said it would, with no muss or fuss. Terrific unit, glad I bought it! And so is the missus… (Mark W.)

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