Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Review

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Eliminate doubt from your golf game with the Golf Buddy World Platinum, a true GPS rangefinder with automatic course and hole recognition. The Golf Buddy World Platinum allows you to gain confidence on the course by telling you how far and where to hit every shot.

The shock and water resistant unit is equipped with a full-color, high-resolution, outdoor-visible touchscreen that gives you the accurate distance to greens, bunkers, water hazards, lay-up areas, trees, and more. The view of the green is dynamic, meaning the Golf Buddy World Platinum changes the shape of the green depending on your approach angle.

One of the nicer feature of this unit is the automatic course recognition. Instead of sorting through thousands of pre-loaded courses, the Golf Buddy World Platinum automatically locates your course and hole the instant you turn it on. This allows you to keep you focused on your game rather than your GPS unit.

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The Golf Buddy works with the least amount of hassle, identifies the course I’m playing and automatically moves to the next hole as I do. Keeping scores is a snap, entering my personal stats is a little more time consuming but still very easy.

Here are some great features of the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS:

*Durable and rain resistant golf GPS rangefinder with automatic course and hole recognition
*Full color, hi-resolution, sunlight-visible touchscreen display
*Score tracking feature for a foursome; can calculate distance hit for each golf club
*Operates with a rechargeable lithium ion battery

The absolute best golf accessory I have ever bought! Every serious golfer should have one.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS:

The Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Range Finder is just about everything I have always wanted in a handheld Golf GPS device.  It’s what you get after you buy one that impresses me. If you find a mistake with a golf course in the database, or if you have found a course that is not listed, a simple email to their customer support address will get the correction or addition made, and usually in just a few days. A quick note on the not so stellar reviews made earlier in 2010, many of those issues sound to me as though the users had not updated their database from the initial factory default. Bottom line, this is the GPS I have waited a long time to buy and am very happy I waited for the technology to deliver it. (Wade)

Review paraphrased for size – view original review here

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